Why We Exist

We believe

that life comes with many transitional phases. When unsupported, these transitions can have damaging effects on an individual’s wellbeing. To mitigate these challenges you must:

Understand the gaps that exist

Support through educating & upskilling

Provide the journey toward outcomes

What We Do


Matilda.ai supports women who have, or are expecting, family commitments alongside a desire to continue their career growth in tech and data science/AI.

By then upskilling these women with practical tech skills via online modules, they can use their newly acquired skills to seek further opportunities.

This could take the form of launching and/or running their own business more efficiently. Alternatively, they may engage in a flexible, 3 days a week part-time working arrangement so that they can continue work on to make their dream come true.


How Does It Work


The future of work has evolved earlier than anticipated. As a result, organisations worldwide have been thrust into taking action to accommodate a rapid digital transformation. This has presented an opportunity for employers to construct new flexible frameworks founded upon embracing, educating and empowering their existing workforce.

Identify the
woman's desires

Which path are they looking to take and their ambitions. This then filters through to an assessment that marries their professional avatar to their personality assessment, giving a deeper understanding of who they are and the power they possess.


Supply the resources

Providing these mothers with a comprehensive roadmap, and accompanying digital curriculum focussed in specific skill acquisition,, effectively bridges the gap between the current skill set of the individual and where there is an abundance of opportunity.


Provide the

Once ready to take the next step, Matilda.ai connects mothers to career opportunities that are more suitable to their upskilled self. Whereby matching employment opportunities to their specific needs as either a flexible part-time or a full-time employee.


Provide the

Matilda enhances an org’s HR image as it encourages female employees to seek opportunities within an organisation that supports the dynamics that arise with a transition from full-time to maternity leave, to a flexible role back through to a full-time position.